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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 11, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the baltimore city police department releases surveillance video from the shooting of one of their own... along with a baltimore is a key piece of evidence about how officer in january.megan gilliland is here with that video and the important role it could play. good morning patrrie,until now, there's only been eye witnesses testimony... how they remember that night.and what they believe... led to 42 bullets being, want to warn you... it is graph. graphic.the crime cameras clearly show police cars on the scene minutes before the shooting.the sittation quickly gets more chaotic as a fight
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develops in the parking lot of the night club.people go scrambling... in the foreground several women appear injured ...and in the &pbackground a man believed to be officer william toobitr in plain clothes lies on the surrounded by other officers. torbit was shot more than 20 times. (23:39:05) "he was killed. he was assasssnated. he was murdered."(42:18)(bernstein) "it is our conclusion that all the officers acted reasonably in a highly chaotic &psittation...""23:40::5) (monica massey) "somebody should be charged with something. his life was lost. he was doing his job..." job..."the state's attorney's recent decision not to press charges has prompted a new round anger...outside city hall yesterday... torbit's family demanded justice.they want to know why the case was never ent to the grand jury. while prosecutors insist he was an officer... his family now wants the justice department to step in.they want a federal investigation into the death. baltimore resident... sean gamble ...was also killed that night during the same incident.
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megan gilliland, fox455morning news. authorities are now investigating a body... that was found in the inner harbor. it was discovered wednesday morning... near bond street. and removed the body from the water. as of now... an identity has not been released. baltimore county police need your help finding thess people. ttke a look at their pictures. were punched and stabbed in a robbery at the patapsco ight rail stop.police are looking for these eople in connection with it.anyone with information shoulddcall police. extreme heet has now killed 25 people in maryland.the state health department says 3 people died in baltimore this month.all had pre- existing conditions.a 4th perssn died in mid-july.32 peopleediee from the heat ... last year. the battle at verizon... heads to court.the company says workers have taken their
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strikes too far and now... they're pursuing legal action in five states... including delaware.verizon wants to limit picketing and stop what they call.. harassment and sabotage.about 45-thousand verizon landline workers walked off the job sunday... from massachusetts to virginia. the workers are calling for better benefits. a survival story out f washington state is being called a miracle. a 12-year old boy is alive after spending more than 20 minutes underwater. underwater. ddle ostrander was on a trip with a church group when he was pulled underrater by dale disappeared for 25 - pinutes. &pwhen rescuers found him .. he was uncounscious and not breathing. medically induced coma .. and told his parents, even if he survivee ... it's likely he would be in a vegetative state his parents prepared for the worst but continued to pray for their son's recovery .... and thier prayers were answered. "first thingghe said --- we
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were trying to get him to cough.""to get the congestion --""....and he coughed once. 'okay, you need to do it again. do more.' 'i don't need to,' is what he said first thing...everybody, hh spoke. oh my goodness, a full sentence. it was ammzing." amazzng." dale still has a lot of physical therapy aheaddof him ... but is expected to be ok. 3 3 the game &pddesn't count, but don't tell thattto ravenss ans who have been waiting 7 months to see the purple and black take the fiild. the ravens visit the eagles in philadelphia tonight, but it's never too early to tailgate. joel d. smith is live in north baltimore with some of the newly inducted members of the "fans" hall of fame. good morning joel d.... .are you ready for some football? good morning patrice. 3 3
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art?an unveiling at the indiana state fair weenesday... shows a giant cheese sculpture honoriig the state's dairy and nutrition council..he birthday cake sculpture is made up of took the artist about a year coming up on the early edition... it's expected to be a nice one out theee today.but a chance for showers still looms.find out when ... next .... in your skywatch weather forecast. forecast. 3 ((break 1)) ((bump in))
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3 3 coming up... stopping obesity &pin children. children.23:17 "these are shorts i got last year for summertime."23:45 "they are way big on me." me."the program... promoting a lifestyle change for kids... kids...and later ray lewis comtemplating retirement? find out in spoors. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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8ñcñ8ñ8÷ ccildhood obesity is becoming
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an epidemic...but losing weight can be rough if you're too young to join a one baltmore hospital designed a program to help he whole ffmily get fit ... and some kids are seeing real success. melinda roeder tells us how sooe kids are... are..."fitting in" 05:14 "ok, jordon, i'm gonna get your blood pressure today."
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for the last year.... jordan has been closely monitored... at mount washington pediatric hospital. 06:52 "ok, step up" she's been watching too.... every bite she eats.... beginning with breakfast.27:36 "so what kinds of things are you having for breakfast?" she's part of the "weigh smart" program.... designed to help kiis lose weight... and improve their overall health. :31 "one of the worries that we have with this generation is that of children is that they may not outllve the liie expectancy of their parents, which has never happened in this country before... and we thhnk this is because of the obesity roblem."doctor katz runs the hospital. and has high hopes... for every patient to live healthy áaadá happy.03:05 "so we're not necessarily looking for weight loss like some of the commerrial programs are. we're looking for a change in lifestyle."but often, the kids who come here... already suffer from low-self esteem. 29:43-30:02 "a lot of our kids are anxious. they're depressed. they've been teased and bullied and victimized in
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school... they think they're gonna motivate them by alling them fat... it really just makes them feel badly about themselves."23:17 "these are shorts got last year for summertime."23:45 "they are wayybig on me."jordannhas already seen success.... losing aboot 35 pounds. she now exercised regularly..9:29 "yee. i have a lot more energy lot."her friends ann family.... hhve all noticed.... 12:35 "ttey're look, wow, jordan, you look so much skinnier. you look o good! i'm like thank you!...going shopping now is so much easier."but while it's exciting...20:12 "she looks awesome! "it hasn't all been easy on her mom....18:59-19:11 "i cleaned out the house. the refrigerator. the snack cabinet. it's a healthy snack cabinet now, i revamped everything... my eating habits, how i cook. everything."that kind of family effort... is exactly what the program ppeaches. 11:11 "it totally changed the &pway i eat and the way i look at different fooos, like fried foods. i used to look at them and think 'oh it looks so say wow, that looks really fattening."but eating the right foods... can be tricky.... espeeially if you live in the city.02:03 "food desserts are a big problem." 01:50 "we also are set up in a society where it's very difficult to eat healthy if you're from an area that doesn't have huge numbbrs off grocery stores."who come here... doctor. and many of developing problems like diabetes.told me that her sugar and that her cholesterol was a little high. and they were gonna now... with her new figure.... jordan is excited to start high school this month.and sign up for sports... just another step toward her long-term weight loss goal... 13:46 "i don't know what i want to do. i just know i need my clothes to pit. that's all i know." melinda roeder, fox 45 news at ten. 3
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which n-f-l star is thinking about calling it quits??he details.. .next in sports. ((break 3)) 3
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o'clock hour... a movie about bin laden coming to the big screen?why one lawmaker isn'tthappy about it. it.graphic surveillance video surfaces....from the night officer william toribt was shot.i'm megan gilliland, we're going to show you that video... and tell you why his family is now calling or a federal investigation. investigation.
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